The Ruedastandard is a collection of the most common figures in Cuban rueda de casino. These are figures that you commonly need to know to join a social rueda.  


The rueda figures are separated into two levels: 


El estándar de rueda es una colección de las figuras más comunes en la rueda de casino cubana. Estos son figuras que normalmente necesitas saber para unirte a una rueda social.


Las figuras de rueda se dividen en dos niveles:




Overview of the Ruedastandard figures  |  Resumen de las figuras estándar de rueda:

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Figure categories 

To make the orientation among all the figures easier, the figures are divided into a few categories, representing various positions or characteristics.  

Posición cerrada (closed position)
The couples dance close together, like in traditional couples dance. It is common to start a rueda in closed position, when the music is a bit calmer.

Posición abierta (open position)
The couples are connected with one hand. Mens/leaders left hand and womens/followers right hand.

Rueda de la calle (street rueda)
The term refers to rueda figures with characteristics of being improvised, and easy enough to be able to be learned on the fly in a social rueda. (Not complex figures, not lots of turning.) 

Rueda caminando 
Caminando means walking. Rueda caminando figures keep the rueda rotating continously. Rotation may be speeded up by calling ¡camina!, ¡anda!, ¡vamos! or similar.

Rueda al medio
Everyone is facing the center, and in this position, direction are given by derecha (= right) or izquierda (= left), in stead of arriba / abajo.