Introduction: The Maestro Returns

For all who have been waiting with bated breath, the time has come. Luis Duarte, one of the most sought-after Rueda instructors, is back with a brand-new series of instructional videos. Luis, known for his knack for breaking down complex movements into easy-to-follow steps, has collaborated with us to cover topics you’ve been eager to explore.

What to Expect: Topics Revealed

The new series will offer insights into intricate areas of Rueda de Casino. Videos covering themes like ‘How to Use the Breaks in the Music’ and ‘Active Following’ are just around the corner. Ever wondered how to incorporate music breaks into your dance to create a more engaging performance? Or how to be an active follower in Rueda, contributing to the overall dance as much as the leader? These videos will answer these questions and many more. Get ready for a deep dive into these nuances that could transform your Rueda experience.

The Duarte Pedagogy

One of the highlights of Luis Duarte’s teaching is his pedagogical approach. He combines technical rigor with artistic flair, making his videos not only educational but also deeply enriching. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned dancer, you’ll find something to learn from his expansive knowledge base.

Don’t Miss Out

We anticipate an enthusiastic reception for this new video series. The first video will be out at the end of September, and considering the groundbreaking nature of this content, you’ll want to be among the first to watch. So set a reminder, subscribe to notifications, or do whatever you need to do to ensure you don’t miss these masterclasses.