Reimagining Value for Our Devoted Community

Why The Change?

The economic landscape has undergone significant shifts recently, impacting various sectors including ours. While our video platform has remained consistent in its pricing for five years, a minor adjustment is now due. We’re introducing a small rate change from 3.5€ to 4€ per month, starting October 1st. A move that aligns with current economic conditions.

Our Commitment to Quality

This price adjustment allows us to continue delivering top-notch content without cutting corners. We have grand plans for future videos, interactive events, and enhanced user features that this modest increase will help to fund. Our focus remains on offering exceptional value, comparable to the cost of a more expensive cup of coffee.

Navigating Together

During these changing times, our community’s strength and unity have been our backbone. We understand that any price change, no matter how minor, affects our subscribers. We appreciate your understanding and continued support, which enables us to invest in top-tier instructors and cutting-edge production techniques.

Thank You for Your Loyalty

It’s your unwavering support that has made it possible for us to offer five years of unchanging rates. We hope you understand this change as a necessary step for mutual growth and continued excellence. Thank you for being an integral part of our Rueda journey.